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Safecoat®  Transitional Primer is a premium quality, water based, flat finish universal primer specifically formulated to solve difficult application problems without the use of toxic and malodorous chemicals. Because it has an extremely tight and efficient polymer network, it is well suited for transitioning from existing oil based painted surfaces to water based coatings. It is useful as a stain blocker for many of the knot holes, water soluble stains and oils, tannins and terpenes in wood which can “bleed through” to the surface upon the application of traditional water based primers.
Like all Safecoat®  paints, it is the least toxic product of its type, and contains no naphtha or other aromatic solvents, and no formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, ammonia, acetone, heavy metals, crystalline silica or other carcinogenic or hazardous materials. It is naturally low in odor, and unlike other paints contains no masking agents or fragrances to hide the smells of toxic chemicals.
The texture and consistency make it was easy to work with and easy to work around. It offers even and pleasant coverage, covering even the most stubborn knots and dings. One gallon of Safecoat® Transitional Primer covers approximately 300-350 square feet in one coat, depending on method of application and surface texture and porosity. One full coat is generally sufficient for most jobs.
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