Clearance! Plant Starch Knives!

Plant Starch Cutlery-Knives only


Bioplastics are plastics made from corn and other plant materials instead of petroleum, making them compostable and biodegradable.  PLA, polylactic acid or polylactide, is bioplastic made from cornstarch or other sugars.  PLA is a polymer of lactic acid.  Lactic acid is formed naturally by bacterial fermentation of cornstarch or cane sugar.      

2. Why Bioplastics?

Naturally derived from corn or other plants, bioplastics do not consume fossil resources like conventional plastic and, they are composting at commercial facilities, breaking down in about 45 days. IFN Green bioplastics are clear, strong, and durable.


Bioplastic FAQs

1. Isn’t using corn for disposable products wasting a valuable food source? 

No, because it is made from No. 2 yellow dent field corn, the most abundant and cheapest source of fermentable sugar in the US. We use very little of available US corn crop.

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