RAIS - Insert 60

RAIS Insert 60



The RAIS 60 Insert is a beautiful and elegant replacement for any open fireplace. An open fireplace replaces the air four times an hour and has an efficiency of only 10%. A RAIS insert can achieve efficiencies up to 70% and better.

RAIS 60 Insert is designed to fit into an existing open fireplace or as an insert in a new setting. The RAIS 60 Insert fits into most masonry fireplaces and requires a zero clearance firebox for new construction.

Produced in a timeless design that incorporates the highest standards of wood-burning technology, the RAIS 60 Insert efficiently utilizes the latest in combustion technology like all RAIS free-standing stoves and allows for a view of the fire and the flames through a large glass door. The door is hinged on the right or the left side as specified.

RAIS 60 Insert is equipped with the patented RAIS air-cooled hollow handle that allows for use without a mitten, and has a bolt-locking mechanism made in solid brass that ensures an air-tight lock for efficient wood burning.

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