Wittus Wood Burning Stoves

Nothing can compare to a person’s fierce love of home, and hearth. Niels Wittus has steadfastly nurtured his company, believing in the product, the quality, and the beauty these stoves and fireplaces bring. This dedication has been rewarded by an ever growing interest in Wittus - Fire by Design, by the loyalty of those who are already clients, and by the knowledge that he is bringing a beautiful, well built, efficient product to share with the U.S. market. The four essential ingredients are: artistry, technology, safety, and environment. Artistry - With its unique and original design, Wittus has revolutionized FIRE BY DESIGN. Produced in Europe, the award-winning fireplace/stoves have combined the most modern manufacturing techniques with old fashioned blacksmith hand craftsmanship. Top quality, sturdy steel, special hand-crafted ceramic, and Finnish soapstone are used in construction. The finished products are thus of the highest quality and long lasting... backed up by a five year warranty! Technology - Behind its beauty, lies an advanced, sophisticated burning system, which has set new standards in the field of wood and gas burning today. The double-chambered burning compartment together with an adjustable air control, insures the utmost and cleanest burn from the wood (efficiencies range from 75 to 93%). With the single air control feature, it enables ease of use and optimal burning throughout its complex phases. The glass doors are kept clean because of the secondary air, which is drawn through the warm stove, heated, and then forced down over the ceramic glass. The gas products utilize the latest in burn technology, valves, and controls. In addition, Wittus has state-of-the-art pellet stoves and biofire fireplaces. Most Wittus products are manufactured according to the stringent ISO quality standards.
Black or Grey (no soap stone)
Black or Grey (no soap stone)

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