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TPLA Cutlery    
Soup SpoonsWC-SO-PS-B1,0000.0659.00
Set of Cutlery Wrapped w/ NapkinWC-AS-PS-TN2500.2664.00
Tasting SpoonsWC-SP-CS-33,0000.0264.00
Individually Wrapped ForksWC-FO-PS-I7500.0967.00
Individually Wrapped KnivesWC-KN-PS-I7500.0967.00
Individually Wrapped SpoonsWC-SP-PS-I7500.0967.00
Individually Wrapped Soup SpoonsWC-SO-PS-I7500.0967.00
6" PLA Ice Cream SpoonWC-SP-CS-WH1,0000.0545.00
6" Asian Soup SpoonWC-SP-TP-AS5000.1367.00
Wrapped Fork, Knife w NapkinWC-AS-PS-FKN5000.1576.00
IFN Corn Starch Cutlery    
Plant Fiber Clamshell Food Containers    
13 x 6.5 x 1.25 Flat Bread Pizza BoxWC-PB-SC-U132000.3978.00
6" X 6" X 3" Clamshell-WhitePRI-HL-665000.1574.00
6” X 6” X 3” Clamshell-KraftWC-TO-SC-U15B5000.1468.00
8" X 8" X 3" Single Compartment KraftWC-TO-SC-U85-33000.2576.00
8" X 8" X 2.8" 3-Compartment KraftWC-TO-SC-U8T3000.2678.00
9" X 9" X 3" Single Compartment KraftWC-TO-SC-U93000.2782.00
9" X 9" X 3" Single Compartment WhitePRI-HL-912000.3264.00
9” 3-Compt Bagasse Clamshell (9”x9”x3”) KraftWC-TO-SC-U9T3000.2782.00
Bagasse Clamshell (9"x6"x2.5") Single Compartment KraftWC-TO-SC-UHB5000.1997.00
Bagasse Clamshell (9"x6"x3") Single Compartment WhitePRI-HL-962500.2459.00
Bagasse Clamshell (9"x6"x3") Two Compartment KraftWC-TO-SC-U34D5000.2099.00
Miscanthus Fiber Clamshell 6' x 6' x 3'WC-TO-MC-62500.1538.00
Miscanthus Clamshell 9"x6"x3" Single CompartmentWC-TO-MC-962000.2243.00
Miscanthus Clamshell 9"x6"x3" Double CompartmentWC-TO-MC-96D2000.2243.00
Miscanthus Fiber Clamshell 9"x9"x3WC-TO-MC-92000.3059.00
Miscanthus Clamshell 9"x9"x3" Three CompartmentWC-TO-MC-9T2000.3059.00
Foldable Take-Out Container    
Bio-Plus Terra II Paper W Soy Lining #1 - 22 OzBIO-PAPL-T2-BP-14500.2089.00
Bio-Plus Terra II Paper W Soy Lining #2 - 36 OZBIO-PAPL-T2-BP-22000.3263.00
Bio-Plus Terra II Paper W Soy Lining #8 - 40 OZBIO-PAPL-T2-BP-83000.2987.00
Bio-Plus Terra II Paper W Soy Lining #3 - 60 OZBIO-PAPL-T2-BP-32000.3366.00
Bio-Plus Terra II Paper W Soy Lining '#4 - 80 OZBIO-PAPL-T2-BP-41600.4165.00
World Centric Compost A Pak 24 Ounce 6"x5"x2.75"WC-FP-SC-12000.2550.00
World Centric Compost A Pak 48 Ounce 8.75"X7.25"X2"WC-FP-SC-22000.4181.00
World Centric Compost A Pak 64 Ounce 8.5"X6.6"X3"WC-FP-SC-U32000.4182.00
Biodegradable PLA Lined Recycled Paper Soup Bowls    
6 oz Soup Barrel BowlsWC-BO-PA-61,0000.0882.00
8 Oz Soup Barrel BowlsWC-BO-PA-81,0000.0988.00
12 oz Soup Barrel BowlsWC-BO-PA-125000.1365.00
16 oz Soup Barrel BowlsWC-BO-PA-165000.1576.00
32 oz Soup Barrel BowlsWC-BO-PA-325000.2098.00
8 oz Soup Barrel Bowl Lid--CompostableWC-BOL-CS-81,0000.0875.00
8 oz Soup/Salad Barrel DOME LID Made From PLAWC-BOL-CS-8D1,0000.0548.00
12/16/32 Oz Barrel Bowl Lid--CompostableWC-BOL-CS-121,0000.10104.00
12/16/32 oz Soup/Salad Barrel DOME LID Made From PLA (For Cold Applications)WC-BOL-CS-12D5000.0944.00
Biodegradable Unbleached Plant Fiber Plates    
6” Round Plate KraftWC-PL-SC-U61,0000.0549.00
6" Round Plate WhitePRI-PL-061,0000.0552.00
7" Round Plate WhitePRI-PL-071,0000.0663.00
7” Round Plate KraftWC-PL-SC-U71,0000.0767.00
9” Round Plate KraftWC-PL-SC-U91,0000.10102.00
9" Miscanthus Fiber PlateWC-PL-MC-91,0000.1099.00
9" Round Plate WhitePRI-PL-095000.1260.00
9” Oval Plate KraftWC-PL-SC-U9O1,0000.0986.00
10” Round Plate KraftWC-PL-SC-U108000.13104.00
10" Round Plate WhitePRI-PL-105000.1577.00
10" Oval Plate KraftWC-PL-SC-U10O5000.1157.00
12" Oval Plate KraftWC-PL-SC-U12O5000.1892.00
9" Round 3 Compartment Plate in WhitePRI-PL-935000.1260.00
10" Round 3 Compartment Plate KraftWC-PL-SC-U10T7000.1391.00
6"x6" Square Bagasse Plate in WhitePRI-DP-66-CASE5000.1156.00
8"x8" Square Bagasse Plate in WhitePRI-DP-88-CASE5000.1365.00
10"x10" Square Bagasse Plate in WhitePRI-DP-10-CASE2500.2358.00
10"x5" Rectangle Bagasse Plate/Tray in WhitePRI-DP-105-CASE5000.1363.00
7"X7" Square Fiber Plate in KraftWC-SQ-SC-71,0000.1095.00
9"X9" Square Fiber Plate in KraftWC-SQ-SC-95000.1783.00
10"X10" Square Fiber Plate in KraftWC-SQ-SC-105000.23116.00
10" Modern Oval Fiber Plate KraftWC-OV-SC-104000.26104.00
12" Modern Oval Fiber Plate KraftWC-OV-SC-122000.3876.00
7" Party Fiber Plate with Wine Holder KraftWC-PL-SC-7WN1,0000.11113.00
9" Party Fiber Plate with Cup Holder KraftWC-PL-SC-9CUP4000.1767.00
6 oz Soup/Salad BowlWC-BO-SC-U61,0000.0552.00
8 oz Soup/Salad BowlWC-BB-SC-U85000.0734.00
11.5 oz Soup/Salad BowlWC-BO-SC-U111,0000.0658.00
12 oz Soup/Salad Barrel BowlWC-BB-SC-U125000.0840.00
16 oz Soup/Salad Barrel BowlWC-BB-SC-U165000.1051.00
16 oz Shallow Soup/Salad BowlWC-BO-SC-165000.1365.00
24 oz Soup/Salad BowlWC-BO-SC-U245000.18291.00
24 Ounce Soup/Salad Bowl LID Made From FiberWC-BOL-SC-U245000.13668.00
24 Ounce Soup/Salad Bowl LID Made From PLAWC-BOL-CS-243000.21765.00
32 oz Soup/Salad BowlWC-BO-SC-U325000.19497.00
LID- 12/16oz Soup/Salad Barrel BowlWC-BBL-SC-U125000.07437.00
24 Ounce Oval Burrito Bowl - 8"x5.35"x1.5"24WC-BO-SC-UBBS4000.14357.00
32 Ounce Oval Burrito Bowl - 9.7"x6.25"x1.5"WC-BO-SC-UBB3000.18054.00
Oval Burrito Bowl Dome LID Made From PLA - SmallWC-BOL-CS-UBBS4000.15361.00
Oval Burrito Bowl LID For Large Bowls Made From PLAWC-BOL-CS-UBB3000.18756.00
Rectangular Burrito LID Made From Fiber - Large For 32 Ounce 9.7"x6.25"x1.5"WC-BOL-SC-UBB3000.17051.00
12 oz Square Bagasse Bowl in WhitePRI-DP-12B-CASE5000.10050.00
27 Ounce Bamboo BowlIFN-35-10045000.17688.00
27 Ounce Dome Lid PPIFN-35-1004-PPD5000.18894.00
32 Ounce Bamboo BowlIFN-35-10023000.23771.00
32 Ounce Dome LId NEW 300 countIFN-34-1000R-3003000.22768.00
32 Ounce Flat Lid PETIFN-34-1001R5000.19899.00
29 Ounce Bamboo Lunch BoxIFN-35-50005000.17688.00
29 Ounce Lunch Box Lid PETIFN-35-5000R5000.17688.00
16 Ounce 3 - Compartment Rectangular Plant Fiber Box 9.34"x7.06" x1.52"WC-CT-SC-16T4000.250100.00
Rectangular Plant Fiber Box 8.8"x6.8"x2"WC-CT-SC-U24000.18072.00
Rectangular Plant Fiber Box 8.8"x6.8"x3"WC-CT-SC-U34000.20883.00
20 Ounce Rectangular Plant Fiber Box 8.8"x6.8"x2.25"WC-CT-SC-204000.16064.00
Rectangular Plant Fiber Box LID Made of Fiber 8.8"x6.8"x1/2"WC-CTL-SC-U34000.15361.00
Rectangular Plant Fiber Box LID Made From PLA 8.8"x6.8"x1/2"WC-CTL-CS-34000.21586.00
Rectangular Plant Fiber Box PLA Lined 8.8"x6.8"x2"WC-CT-SC-U2L4000.24899.00
20 Ounce Rectangular Plant Fiber Box PLA Lined 8.8"x6.8"x2.25"WC-CT-SC-20L4000.22389.00
Half Size Catering Pan Made From Fiber Single Compartment 12.73"x10.37"x2.76"WC-CA-SC-120L2000.775155.00
Half Size Catering Pan Made From Fiber Two Compartment 12.73"x10.37"x2.76"WC-CA-SC-112DL2000.775155.00
Half Size Catering Pan Made From Fiber Three Compartment 12.73"x10.37"x2.76"WC-CA-SC-104TL2000.775155.00
Half Size Catering Pan Made From Fiber LID 12.73"x10.37"x1/4"WC-CAL-SC-1042000.34569.00
Full Size Catering Pan Made From Fiber Single Compartment 18.7"x11.25"x3"WC-CA-SC-2801001.080108.00
Rectangular Tray 9"x5"IFN-35-40025000.17286.00
Rectangular Tray Dome Lid 9"x5"IFN-35-4002PPD5000.202101.00
Bamboo Trays 11.4" x 3.9"IFN-35-40015000.14673.00
Bamboo 9" Square TrayIFN-35-40035000.242121.00
5 Compartment Fiber School TrayWC-TR-SC-UF4000.14558.00
Rectangular Deep Tray Three Compartment 8"x6"x1.5"WC-TR-SC-UT5000.14874
Rectangular Deep Tray Single Compartment 6.5"x5"x1.5"WC-TR-SC-UAR6000.12374
Rectangular Deep Tray LID Single Compartment 6.5"x5"x.375"WC-TRL-SC-UAR6000.08249
15.3" x 6" x .3" Plant Fiber TrayWC-TR-SC-UL64000.20080
8x6x1.5" Single Compartment TrayWC-TR-SC-U84000.15562
8x6x1.5" Double Compartment TrayWC-TR-SC-U8D4000.15562
8x6x1.5" Single Compartment Tray w/PLA LiningWC-TR-SC-U8L4000.21084
8x6" Tray PLA LidWC-TRL-CS-84000.17068
8x6" Double Compartment Tray PLA LidWC-TRL-CS-8D4000.17068
9.8 X 7.5" X 1.5" Single Compartment TrayWC-TR-SC-U104000.19377
9.8 X 7.5" Three Compartment TrayWC-TR-SC-U10T4000.20381
9.8x7.5x3" 3 Compartment TrayWC-TR-SC-10T33000.23370
9.8 X 7.5" X 1.5" Single Compartment Tray w/PLA LiningWC-TR-SC-U10L4000.265106
9.8 X 7.5" x 1.5" Three Compartment Tray w/PLA LiningWC-TR-SC-U10TL4000.290116
9.8x7.5" Single Compartment Tray PLA LidWC-TRL-CS-104000.258103
9.8x7.5" Three Compartment Tray PLA LidWC-TRL-CS-10T4000.258103
8.5x6.5x1.75" Two Compartment Cafeteria TrayWC-TR-SC-17D5000.18894
8.5x6.5x2.75" Two Compartment Cafeteria TrayWC-TR-SC-27D5000.228114
16 Oz PLA Round Salad BowlsWC-SB-CS-164500.10748.00
24 Oz PLA Round Salad BowlsWC-SB-CS-246000.15794.00
32 Oz PLA Round Salad BowlsWC-SB-CS-326000.180108.00
48 Oz PLA Round Salad BowlsWC-SB-CS-483000.24774.00
24/48 Oz PLA Round Salad Bowls Dome LidsWC-SBL-CS-326000.12877.00
16 oz PLA Round Salad Bowl Dome LIDSWC-SBL-CS-164500.10748.00
Post Consumer Waste PAPER PRODUCTS    
100% PCW Lunch NapkinsWC-NP-SC-LN4,5000.01777.00
100% PCW Dinner NapkinsWC-NP-SC-DN3,0000.02370.00
Paper Products Made Out of Bagasse    
Emerald 1/4 Fold Luncheon Napkin, 70% Tree Free, BPA & Chlorine FreeEMR-550060000.01062.00
Emerald 2-Ply Bath Tissue, 70% Tree Free, BPA & Chlorine FreeEMR-5701-BJM961.094105.00
Emerald 2 Ply Dinner Napkin, 70% Tree Free, BPA & Chlorine Free 15"x17"EMR-581830000.02266.00
Wheat Straw Paper Products    
Wheat Straw Facial Tissue 85 count boxWC-FTRT-WS-853,0600.02164.00
Wheat Straw Facial Tissue 175 count boxWC-FTRT-WS-1756,3000.01698.00
Wheat Straw Bath Tissue 12 Pack packWC-BTRT-WS-12481.35465.00
Wheat Straw Beverage Napkins 9"x9"WC-BNRT-WS-10024000.02253.00
Wheat Straw Lunch Napkins 13" x 13"WC-LNRT-WS-10024000.042100.00
Biodegradable Corn PLA Cold Cups    
3oz Clear Cold CupWC-CP-CS-325000.046114.00
5oz Clear Cold CupWC-CP-CS-520000.04997.00
6oz Clear Cold CupWC-CP-CS-620000.04997.00
7oz Clear Cold CupWC-CP-CS-720000.058116.00
9oz Tall Clear Cold CupWC-CP-CS-920000.070139.00
9oz Squat Clear Cold CupWC-CP-CS-9Q1,0000.08787.00
10oz Clear Cold CupWC-CP-CS-101,0000.08989.00
12oz Clear Cold CupWC-CP-CS-121,0000.09898.00
14oz Clear Cold CupWC-CP-CS-141,0000.104104.00
16oz Clear Cold CupWC-CP-CS-161,0000.114114.00
20oz Clear Cold CupWC-CP-CS-201,0000.143143.00
24oz Clear Cold CupWC-CP-CS-241,0000.149149.00
32oz Clear Cold CupWC-CP-CS-323000.29789.00
LID 9Q-24oz Cold w/Souffle HolderWC-CPL-CS-12SH1,0000.06060.00
LID 9Q-24oz Cold Cups- Dome -No HoleWC-CPL-CS-12DP1,0000.05555.00
LID Raised No Hole 4 to 9 ozWC-CPL-CS-92,0000.03468.00
LID Flat No Hole 3 to 9 ozWC-CPL-CS-9F1,0000.04040.00
LID Straw Hole 10 to 24 ozWC-CPL-CS-121,0000.05050.00
LID Dome 10 to 24 ozWC-CPL-CS-12D1,0000.05454.00
LID Straw Hole 32 ozWC-CPL-CS-326000.07042.00
7.9” Straw- WrappedWC-ST-CS-8W10,0000.016161.00
7.9” Straw- UnwrappedWC-ST-CS-810,0000.013132.00
Biodegradable PLA Lined Recycled Paper Hot Cups    
4 oz PLA Lined Hot CupWC-CU-PA-41,0000.04747.00
6 oz PLA Lined Hot CupWC-CU-PA-61,0000.06161.00
8 oz PLA Lined Hot Cup WhiteWC-CU-PA-81,0000.07676.00
8 oz PLA Lined Hot Cup KraftWC-CU-PA-8-K1,0000.07676.00
10 oz PLA Lined Hot Cup WhiteWC-CU-PA-101,0000.08989.00
10 oz PLA Lined Hot Cup KraftWC-CU-PA-10-K1,0000.08989.00
12 oz PLA Lined Hot Cup WhiteWC-CU-PA-121,0000.09595.00
12 oz PLA Lined Hot Cup KraftWC-CU-PA-12-K1,0000.09595.00
16 oz PLA Lined Hot Cup WhiteWC-CU-PA-161,0000.108108.00
16 oz PLA Lined Hot Cup KraftWC-CU-PA-16-K1,0000.108108.00
20 oz PLA Lined Hot Cup WhiteWC-CU-PA-201,0000.114114.00
20 oz PLA Lined Hot Cup KraftWC-CU-PA-20-K1,0000.114114.00
8 Oz PLA Lined Hot Cup Double WalledWC-CU-PA-8D1,0000.113113.00
12 Oz PLA Lined Hot Cup Double WalledWC-CU-PA-12D1,0000.142142.00
16 Oz PLA Lined Hot Cup Double WalledWC-CU-PA-16D6000.172103.00
8 oz Compostable Hot Cup LidWC-CUL-CS-81,0000.22066.00
10-20 oz Compostable Hot Cups LidWC-CUL-CS-121,0000.0770.00
4 Cups Tray BiodegradablePRI-CC-8323000.18054.00
8 oz Sleeves for Hot CupsWC-SL-PA-ME1,0000.04545.00
10-20oz Sleeves for Hot CupsWC-SL-PA-LG1,0000.05151.00
Biodegradable Souffle Cups    
Biodegradable PLA Souffle Cups    
1oz Clear Souffle CupWC-CP-CS-1S30000.02781.00
2oz Clear Souffle CupWC-CP-CS-2S2,0000.03162.00
4oz Clear Souffle CupWC-CP-CS-4S1,0000.05252.00
LID 2oz Clear Souffle CupWC-CPL-CS-2S2,0000.02142.00
LID No Hole 3 to 9 ozWC-CPL-CS-92,0000.03468.00
2 Oz Clear Parfait Insert for 9 Oz Cold CupWC-CPL-CS-2P20000.03467.00
Bagasse Souffle Cups    
2 oz Bagasse Souffle CupWC-CU-SC-U22,0000.02957.00
2 Oz Sugar Cane Souffle CupPRI-PC-022,5000.03076.00
4 oz Bagasse Souffle CupWC-CU-SC-U41,0000.05555.00
4 oz Bagasse Souffle Cup LidWC-CUL-SC-U41,0000.03737.00
2 Ounce Fiber Souffle Cup LIDWC-CUL-SC-22,0000.02550.00
Biodegradable Corn Deli Containers PLA    
6"x6"x3" ClamshellWC-KL-CS-62500.25263.00
7"x7"x3" ClamshellWC-KL-CS-72500.26466.00
8"x8"x3" ClamshellWC-KL-CS-82500.408102.00
8"X8"X3" 3 Comp ClamshellWC-KL-CS-8T2500.408102.00
9"x5"x3" ClamshellWC-KL-CS-952500.29674.00
PLA Corn Plastic Round Deli Container    
8 Ounce Round Deli ContainerWC-DC-CS-81,0000.08888.00
12 Ounce Round Deli ContainerWC-DC-CS-121,0000.109109.00
16 Ounce Round Deli ContainerWC-DC-CS-161,0000.125125.00
24 Ounce Round Deli ContainerWC-DC-CS-245000.17889.00
32 Ounce Round Deli ContainerWC-DC-CS-325000.240120.00
8-16oz Round Deli Container LidWC-DCL-CS-121,0000.06868.00
PLA Corn Plastic Rectangular Deli Containers    
8 oz Rectangular (53/4”x43/4”x2”)WC-RD-CS-89000.08980.00
12 oz Rectangular (57/8”x47/8”x2”)WC-RD-CS-129000.09787.00
16 oz Rectangular (57/8”x47/8”x3”)WC-RD-CS-169000.121109.00
8-16 oz Rectangular LidWC-RDL-CS-89000.07870.00
24 oz Rectangular (71/2”x61/2”x2”)WC-RD-CS-246000.15392.00
32 oz Rectangular (71/2”x61/2”x3”)WC-RD-CS-326000.167100.00
24-32 oz Rectangular LidWC-RDL-CS-246000.11569.00
48 oz RectangularWC-RD-CS-484000.23393.00
64 oz RectangularWC-RD-CS-644000.24899.00
48-64 Rectangular LidWC-RDL-CS-484000.15562.00
Sushi TrayWC-SU-CS-753000.16048.00
7.5x7.5x1 square 24ozINN-9720133000.29789.21
10.25x10x1 square 46ozINN-9760191300.49063.64
24oz lidINN-9730163000.31594.63
46oz lidINN-9770181300.52968.74
Square Plates    
10Inch Square PlatesLW-10S1000.78878.80
9Inch Square PlatesLW-9S1000.72872.80
7Inch Square PlateLW-7S1000.64464.40
5Inch Square PlatesLW-5S1000.58858.80
Round Plates    
10" Deep Round PlatesLW-10PB1000.78478.40
9Inch Round PlatesLW-9R1000.72872.80
6Inch Round PlatesLW-6R1000.64464.40
7Inch Round BowlsLW-7B1000.72872.80
6.5Inch Square BowlsLW-6B1000.72872.80
3 inch square plate/miniLW-3S1000.47647.60
3.5 inch Round BowlsLW-3R1000.47647.60
Heart Shaped PlatesLW-6H1000.64464.40
14x10 Inch whole Leaf PlatterLW-10T1000.67267.20
7”x11” Large TraysLW-7T1000.72872.80
6x9inch TraysLW-6T1000.7171.40
4x8 Inch Mini TraysLW-4T1000.6464.40
200mm/7.4inch Sterling SpoonsLW-CS21000.7878.40
200mm/7.4inch Sterling ForksLW-CF21000.7878.40
200mm/7.4inch Sterling KnivesLW-CK21000.7878.40
180mm/7inch SpoonsLW-CS1000.6767.20
180mm/7inch ForksLW-CF1000.6767.20
180mm/7inch KnivesLW-CK1000.6767.20
100mm/4inch Tasting spoonsLW-TS1000.5656.00
100mm/4 inch tasting sporkLW-TF1000.5656.00
Biodegradable PLA Trash/Compost Bags    
3 Gallon 17"x18" - 0.6 milWC-BG-CS-35000.10251.00
13 Gallon 23.5"x29" - .6 milWC-BG-CS-132000.24549.00
33 Gallon 33"x40" - 1.0 MilWC-BG-CS-331500.673101.00
39 Gallon 35"x45" - 1 milWC-BG-CS-391000.82082.00
45 Gallon 40"x46"- 1 milWC-BG-CS-451000.9494.00
55 Gallon 42"x48" 1.0milWC-BG-CS-551001.07107.00
Recycled Plastic Can Liner Bags Made in Petoskey, Michigan    
55 Gal. Heavy Duty - Black/Clear (1.25 gauge)GC-4348HBLK1000.4545.00
33-39 Gal. Heavy Duty - Black/Clear (1.25 gauge)GC-3344H1500.3248.00
12-14 Gal Medium Duty - Clear (0.60 gauge)GC-2331HNAT5000.1153.00
40-50 Gal. Recycling Bags - Blue (1.25 gauge)GC-4046BREC1000.4444.00
Greening The Cleaning    
All Purpose Cleaner-QuartGTC-DIN-1-RTU64.9529.70
All Purpose Cleaner-GallonGTC-DIN-1-GAL415.2561.00
All Purpose Cleaner- 5 GallonGTC-DIN-1-5GAL153.5553.55
Laundry Detergent- GallonGTC-DIN-2-1GAL-RTU425.95103.80
Laundry Detergent- 15 GallonGTC-DIN-2-15GAL1299.00299.00
Basin, Tub, & Tile Cleaner-QuartGTC-DIN-7-RTU67.9547.70
Basin, Tub, & Tile Cleaner-GallonGTC-DIN-7418.7575.00
Basin, Tub, & Tile Cleaner-5 GallonGTC-DIN-7-5GAL165.1065.10
Cling Toilet Bowl Cleaner-QuartGTC-DIN-8-RTU125.9571.40
Hand Soap-GallonGTC-DIN-12-GAL418.0072.00
Hand Soap-5 GallonGTC-DIN-12-5GAL180.0080.00
Glass & Window Cleaner- QuartGTC-DIN-13-RTU64.9529.70
Glass & Window Cleaner-GallonGTC-DIN-13-GAL414.9559.80
Glass & Window Cleaner-5 GallonGTC-DIN-13-5GAL150.0050.00
Heavy Duty Degreaser & Cleaner-GallonGTC-DIN-14-GAL416.2565.00
Heavy Duty Degreaser & Cleaner-15 GallonGTC-DIN-14-15GAL1210.00210.00
Heavy Duty Degreaser & Cleaner-55 GallonGTC-DIN-14-55GAL1465.00465.00
Winter Wash Neutral Floor Cleaner-GallonGTC-DIN-15-GAL411.9547.80
pH Neutral Floor Cleaner- GallonGTC-DIN-20-GAL414.0056.00
Cream CleanserGTC-DIN-21-RTU410.4341.70
Carpet Extration CleanerGTC--DIN-23-GAL413.9555.80
Pot & Pan CleanerGTC-DIN-69-GAL421.9587.80
Pot and Pan Cleaner-15 GallonGTC-DIN-69-15GAL1300.00300.00
Spray Disinfectant-QuartGTC-DIC-1-RTU127.5090.00
Air Freshener & Deodorizer-QuartGTC-DIC-4-RTU127.9595.40
Clear Cut Floor Stripper-QuartGTC-DIC-8-QT1213.75165.00
Stainless Steel Cleaner & Furniture Polish-QuartGTC-DIC-11-RTU68.9553.70
Zinc Free Floor Finish-GallonGTC-DIC-12-GAL428.15112.60
Zinc Free Floor Finish-5 GallonGTC-DIC-12-5GAL1128.00128.00
Sanitizer-15 GallonGTC-DI-18-15GAL1270.00270.00
Graffiti Remover-QuartGTC-DIC-24-QT621.50129.00
Carpet/Fabric Stain & Spot Remover-QuartGTC-DIC-26-QT127.9595.40
Zinc-Free Spray Buffing Compound-GallonGTC-DIC-53-GAL416.7567.00
Foothold Floor Restorer-gallonGTC-DIC-54-GAL425.50102.00
Neutral Disinfectant-GallonGTC-DI-256-GAL446.50186.00
Neutral Disinfectant-5 GallonGTC-DI-256-5GAL1230.00230.00
Eco Craft Deli and Bakery Packaging    
EcoCraft To Go Hot Meal Packaging with Window    
EcoCraft Window Deli Bag with Vents Tac Seal Fresh ToGo!ECC-3007882500.4099.00
EcoCraft Window Deli Bag 4lb with Vents Fresh ToGo!ECC-3007915000.21104.00
EcoCraft Window Deli Bag with Vents Tac Seal Fresh ToGo!ECC-3007872500.42104.00
EcoCraft Fresh To Go! Window Deli Bag 8lb with ventsECC-3007925000.25126.00
EcoCraft Window Deli Bag 4lb with vents Hot ToGo!ECC-3006065000.1785.00
EcoCraft Window Deli Bag 8lb with vents Hot ToGo!ECC-3006095000.26128.00
EcoCraft Window Deli Bag Small with vents Tac Seal ToGo!ECC-3005562500.41103.00
EcoCraft Window Deli Bag Large with vents Tac Seal FlameECC-3005862500.48120.00
EcoCraft Window Deli Bag Large with vents Tac Seal Hot ToGo!ECC-3005872500.41103.00
EcoCraft® Window Deli Bag XLarge with vents Tac Seal Hot To Go!ECC-3005902500.40101.00
TOGo! Hot Meal Packaging    
Deli Bag Small with vents & Tin Ties White ToGo!ECC-3006572500.46114.00
EcoCraft Fresh To Go! Deli Bag 4lb with ventsECC-3007935000.1471.00
Deli Bag 8lb Fresh ToGo!ECC-3007945000.1679.00
EcoCraft Deli Bag 4lb with vents Hot ToGo!ECC-3005885000.1157.00
EcoCraft Deli Bag 8lb with vents Hot ToGo!ECC-3005895000.1679.00
Natural Kraft Food Tray    
EcoCraft 1/4lb Food Tray Grease Resistant NaturalECC-30069410000.0332.00
EcoCraft 1/2lb Food Tray Grease Resistant NaturalECC-30069510000.0435.00
EcoCraft 1lb Food Tray Grease Resistant NaturalECC-30069610000.0440.00
EcoCraft 2lb Food Tray Grease Resistant NaturalECC-30069710000.0441.00
EcoCraft 3lb Food Tray Grease Resistant NaturalECC-3006995000.0840.00
EcoCraft® 5lb Food Tray Grease Resistant NaturalECC-3007005000.0944.00
Grease Resistant Wraps and Basket Liners    
EcoCraft GR Paper Wrap & Liner NK1212 NaturalECC-30089750000.03135.00
EcoCrafT GR Paper Wrap & Liner NK1414 NaturalECC-30089940000.04145.00
EcoCraft GR Paper Wrap & Liner NK1516 NaturalECC-30089830000.05137.00
EcoCraft Grease Resistant Cone Basket Liner "Artisan"ECC-30011910000.0770.00
EcoCraft® Grease Resistant Sandwich Bag NK25 NaturaECC-30010020000.0356
Interfold Sheets    
EcoCraft Interfolded Soy Blend Wax Tissue NK6T NaturalECC-010001100000.0175.00
EcoCraft Interfolded Dry Wax Deli Paper NK8 NaturalECC-01600860000.0187.00
EcoCraft Interfolded Dry Wax Deli Paper NK10 NaturalECC-01601060000.0189.00
EcoCraft Interfolded Dry Wax Deli Paper NK12 NaturalECC-01601260000.02111.00
EcoCraft Interfolded Dry Wax Deli Paper NK15 NaturalECC-01601560000.03165.00
Sandwich and Hot Dog Bags    
EcoCraft GR Hot Dog Bag NaturalECC-30000910000.0444.00
Dubl View® ToGo! Baguette Deli Bag Natural w/ Tray 3 1/4 x 2 x 15ECC-3000592500.3690.00
Dubl View® Sandwich Bag NaturalECC-3000805000.22112.00
Dubl View® ToGo! Deli Bag Natural Medium Round & SquareECC-3000935000.22112.00
Dubl View® ToGo! Deli Bag NaturalECC-3000945000.24120.00
EcoCraft® GR Sandwich Bag NK18 NaturalECC-30041420000.0248.00
Dubl View® ToGo! Deli Bag Natural 4 1/4 x 2 3/4 x 16 1/23000965000.25127
French Fry and Speciality Bags    
EcoCraft French Fry Bag 4 1/2" X 3 1/2"ECC-30004320000.0351.00
EcoCraft French Fry Bag 4 1/2" X 4 1/2"ECC-30004610000.0438
EcoCraft French Fry Bag 3 1/2" X 4 1/2"ECC-30004910000.0442.00
EcoCraft® Pizza Bag w/ Window and Tray Natural 7 1/2 x 2 x 11ECC-3003042500.43108.00
Pizza Bag w/Window and Tray-"Fresh to Go" 7 1/2 x 2 x11ECC-3003062500.49123.00
Insulated Sandwich Wraps and Tray Liners    
Paper/Paper 2ply insulated wrap natural 12 x12ECC-30039320000.0484.00
Paper/Paper 2ply insulated wrap natural 15 x 16ECC-30039410000.0881.00
EcoCraft Light Weight Natural Kraft Dubl Shield 12x12ECC-30084820000.0482.00
EcoCraft LIght Weight Natural Kraft Dubl Shield 15x16ECC-30084910000.0877.00
EcoCraft GR Paper Wrap and Liner NK1414 Natural 14 x 14ECC-30089940000.04145.00
EcoCraft Foil Garlic LG Bread Bag NK Liner ArtisanECC-3008615000.28140.00
EcoCraft Foil Garlic Bread Bag NK Liner ArtisanECC-3008605000.25124.00
WINDOW BREAD BAGS (double panel)    
EcoCraft Bread Bag ArtisanECC-30086810000.0988.00
EcoCraft Bread Bag "Baguette" ArtisanECC-30086910000.11108.00
EcoCraft Bread Bag "French" ArtisanECC-30087010000.0880.00
EcoCraft Dubl-Panel Bread Bag ArtisanECC-3008655000.1783.00
EcoCraft Dubl-Panel Bread Bag ArtisanECC-3008635000.1681.00
EcoCraft Dubl-Panel Bread Bag ArtisanECC-3008645000.1994.00
EcoCraft Dubl-Panel Bread Bag ArtisanECC-3008915000.1680.00
EcoCraft Dubl-Panel Bread Bag ArtisanECC-3008925000.21106.00
EcoCraft Dubl-Panel Bread Bag ArtisanECC-3008935000.1682.00
EcoCraft Dubl-Panel Bread Bag ArtisanECC-3008945000.21105.00
EcoCraft Dubl-Panel Bread Bag ArtisanECC-3008955000.1995.00
EcoCraft Bread Bag "Italian" ArtisanECC-30087110000.1099.00
paper lined tin ties 1 lbECC-30094710000.26259.00
pan liner 16 3/8 x 24 3/8ECC-03002510000.0664.00
half pan liner 12 1/8 x 16 3/8ECC-03001210000.0440.00
Bake-n-reuse pan liner unbleached 16 3/8 x 24 3/8ECC-03001010000.0771.00
Bake-n-reuse half pan liner 12 1/8 x 16 3/8ECC-03000810000.0550.00
Popcorn Bags    
EcoCraft® Theater Popcorn Bag 46oz Red StripeECC-30061110000.13126
EcoCraft® Theater Popcorn Bag 85oz Blue StripeECC-3006125000.1574
EcoCraft® Theater Popcorn Bag 130oz Green StripeECC-3006135000.1682
EcoCraft® Theater Popcorn Bag 170oz Black StripeECC-3006142500.2563
12 lb EcoCraft® SOS Bag Dubl Wax® Artisan3002865000.1472
8lb EcoCraft® SOS Bag Dubl Wax® Artisan3002845000.1363
6lb EcoCraft® SOS Bag Dubl Wax® Artisan3002835000.1153
4 lb EcoCraft® SOS Bag Dubl Wax® Artisan3002825000.0944

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