7"x5"x2" Sushi Tray w/PLA Lid

7"x5"x2" PLA Sushi Tray Set



***2023 New Lower Price***

Sushi tray and Lid sold together.



WIDTH: 4.9


100% Biodegradable, 100% Compostable

World Centric compostable 7x5x2" black sushi boxes with PLA clear lids are made from NatureWorks Ingeo, which is derived from plants grown in the USA. Even though these takout boxes are as light and strong as plastic, they fully break down when composted. These containers are eco-friendly, compostable, freezer safe, and suitable for food up to 120°F. Composts in 2 to 4 months in a commercial composting facility. Not microwavable.

Because our sushi trays and lids are made of Ingeo, they:

  • Are best used for foods below temperatures of 110F
  • Need to be stored in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight

Our compostable products meet the most stringent scientific requirements for biodegradability and compostability, and are ASTM D6400-99 certified for "compostable plastics". Even though they are as light and strong as plastic, they fully biodegrade when composted. Instead of using petroleum based plastics which create toxicity and environmental pollution, you can now use our compostable alternatives.