1/2 lb Kraft Boat Trays

1/2 lb Kraft Boat Trays





  • High quality tray construction holds up to the most demanding applications
  • Coated with a moisture and grease proof barrier for superior performance
  • Unbleached trays reduce raw material waste by 20%
  • EcoCraft 1/2 lb Food Tray Grease Resistant Natural 

Case of 1000




Can you recycle paper based food packaging?

The answer really depends on the waste sorting abilities of the local recycling company in your area.  Used flexible packaging that has food build up or stains is often sorted out of the recycling waste stream.  There are a few local companies that have alternative waste streams set up for fiber based packaging to divert it away from the landfill into alternative waste streams. Waxed paper or paperboard is rarely accepted by sorting plants that feed the recycling waste stream. In the future, industrial recyclers will expand their sorting capabilities and technologies to process more materials than they do today.  Until those changes happen we can still make an impact by focusing our sustainable improvement efforts on the raw material at the beginning of a package’s life cycle.  We see a promising future in converting recycled post consumer waste paper that is made from the corrugated box waste stream. This natural unbleached recycled paper helps close the loop and allows us to expand our sustainable impact.


Does EcoCraft® packaging cost more than bleached packaging?

EcoCraft® packaging is competitive with bleached packaging. One of the key reasons for the rapid growth of our EcoCraft® flexible foodservice packaging brand is our insistence that these products be developed with a focus on economic sustainability.  Economic sustainability is one of the three basic foundations of the “Triple bottom line” approach.  To make a significant impact on reducing the waste of raw materials, we must keep our EcoCraft® products affordable so they can be purchased in higher volumes.  This practical approach also allows us to consult more consumers and businesses on the fundamentals of sustainable packaging.  The rapid brand growth and positive environmental impact helps us spread the momentum of change so that more food service businesses will understand the benefits of taking simple steps with their packaging on their journey toward a sustainable future.