33 Gallon Recycled Plastic Bag

Petoskey Plastics Greencore 33-39 Gallon Recycled Plastic Can Liner
Color: Clear or Black Dimension: 33 x 34

Cost no more than traditional bags
Guaranteed quality and durability
3-Ply construction
Made with resin containing 70% post-consumer recycled content for superior source reduction.
Reduces carbon footprint by as much as 20%
Green advantage without the added cost
Perforated coreless rolls for efficient storage and handling
EPA recommended supplier. Exceeds EPA and LEED standards

Translucent color allows you to see recyclables through bag.Professional and residential use. Greencore® Recycling Bags are tough enough to withstand being thrown to the curb on recycling day. Clear and blue-tinted bags are puncture resistant and durable enough to handle heavy glass and sharp cans. Our exclusive vertically integrated manufacturing process creates high-performance polyethylene products through our unique 3-layer construction. This high strength, 3-ply film structure adds strength and flexibility to our products which maximizes performance in various polymers.Through our exclusive, vertically integrated manufacturing process, we are able to add recycled material into the core of our 3-layer film. The outside two layers are made of high-strength virgin LDPE plastic that surrounds the inner core which is made up of up to 70% post-consumer recycled plastic. This high strength, 3-ply film structure adds strength and flexibility to our products which maximizes performance in various polymers. Why 3-Layer & Not Mono-Layer? Improves tear strength, flexibility, and performance. Uses high amounts of PostConsumerRecycling, which is better for reducing carbon footprint. Provides opportunities for virgin material reduction. Offers various degrees of surface performance. We pride ourselves in offering expansive product lines and custom-engineered solutions to meet the expectations of our customers and the industries we serve. As a manufacturer and supplier, we have the resources to create customer products that rival the national brands in performance and cost. Petoskey Plastics is committed to sustainable materials management. Our commitment to a sustainable environment includes: helping to create sustainable products, primarily using recycled plastic as the feedstock, reducing petrochemical usage, reducing energy use, and reducing the carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions).

Petoskey Plastics, the parent company of Greencore® Products, is a company committed to providing the highest quality products using innovative sustainable manufacturing practices. We first began recycling in 1978 and haven’t stopped thinking green. We specialize in engineered, environmentally responsible plastic film products for the automotive, automotive aftermarket, retail, and custom packaging markets.

Hartford City, IN is the location of our plastic film recycling plant that recycles approximately 3 million pounds of post-consumer plastic film every month. This recycling facility provides post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin made from collected plastic bags, film, and stretch film that has been diverted from landfills. Petoskey Plastics then uses this PCR resin to produce new eco-friendly plastic bags and film products, much of which goes into the Greencore® product line.