Leaf 3.5" Round Mini Bowl

Leaf 3.5" Mini Bowl (01-01-10B)




The VerTerra 3.5 inch / 3.5 ounce compostable Palm Leaf Bowls are perfect for tasting events, small portions, individual bowls, and side dishes.

 (SuggestionOur Wooden Tasting Spoons and Sporks pair wonderfully with these palm leaf bowls. For a fun serving idea, line up across in our 11 x 15 trays)


3.5" in diameter

Holds 3 oz.
Biodegradable / Compostable
Microwave, oven, and refrigerator-safe
Made only in our factories, nothing is outsourced

Hand crafted from fallen plam leaves, our dinnerware embodies the beauty of mother nature gifts. Each leave is thoroughly cleaned, heat pressed, hand crafted and fully sterilized; the result is sturdy, casually elegant dinnerware ready for everyday dining and relaxed gatherings. 3 Inch round bowl is perfect for serving Single bites and dipping sauces.

No chemicals or binders
Liquid & Heat Safe
Intended for Single use
It's an absolute Guilt Free Dinnerware!