Bio-Plus Terra II #1 26oz

Bio-Plus Terra II #1 26 oz


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Each Container is:  4.38" x 3.5" bottom x 2.5" high


Bio-Pak TERRA II is the Most Environmentally Friendly Choice in the entire Bio-Pak Take out Container line. Bio-Pak TERRA II's  FlexSHIELD™ Lined, a revolutionary water-based treatment that is water- and grease-resistant, and is FDA compliant for all types of direct food contact,  recycled Paper take out boxes are intended for customers that require their food service disposables to be certifiably compostable. The Bio-Pak Terra II is one of the highest quality and most sustainable take out packaging products on the market.

  • FlexSHIELD™ liner to ensure certified compostability
  • A Fully Compostable Package Made From 100% Recycled Paper
  • Keeps food hot while it steams effectively
  • Interior liner prevents leaks and is cut resistant
  • Microwave and Freezer safe
  • Easily accessed so food can be eaten directly from container
  • A Fully Compostable Package Made From 100% Recycled Paper
  • Bio-Plus Terra II has a FlexSHIELD™ natural inner coating that allows the container to be composted
  • #1 Size - 26 oz capacity
  • Highest Quality and Image in food service
  • Leak Resistant: holds foods; sauces and gravies
  • Microwaveable
  • Retains food heat and vents steam effectively
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Cut Resistant
  • Stackable
  • One Piece design requires no further assembly-eliminates container and lid issues
  • Flaps open wide to allow customer's free access to the food