Rubio Monocoat Soap

Rubio Monocoat Universal Soap

(2 Liter: RUB-NS-2L OR 1 Liter: RUB-NS-1L)


Rubio Monocoat Soap is a soap for the regular cleaning of oiled surfaces. Removes all dirt and grease thoroughly, without leaving a film. Keeps the mat, natural look of the wood. Rubio Monocoat Soap is very concentrated and hence very economical.


1. Vacuum the surface.

2. Pour 100 ml of RMC Soap in a bucket with 10 L clear water.

3. Clean the surface with a mop.

4. Allow to dry: +/- 15 minutes.

Important: Do not leave any water on the floor surface, a damp-clean is sufficient. Do not walk on the floor until it is completely dry.

Tip: The best working method is with two buckets: one with the soap mixture and one with clean water to rinse the dirt out of the mop.


Physical state: liquid

Odour: citrus fruits

Colour: yellow

Density: 1,01 kg/L pH: 6 - 8

STORAGE: The product can be stored for up to 12 months. Store in dry conditions and in the original packaging. Do not allow to freeze.

PACKAGING: Bottle 1 L and 2 L