Wooden Tasting Spoon

VerTerra Wooden Tasting Spoon 4" (VT-2407)



These tasting spoons are perfect when serving small bites appetizers or individual tastings.


Made from aspenwood, VerTerra ecofriendly cutlery is completely non-toxic and chemical free
 Durable & Versatile - Designed to perform like permanent products, they can withstand hot food, liquids and oils
Biodegradable - VerTerra Dinnerware will naturally biodegrade at home or in an industrial compost without using chemical agents
 Compostable - Apart from being BPI-certified compostable, tests have shown that soil containing VerTerra compost enhances plant growth by over 15%
 Sun Resistant - VerTerra products are completely sun resistant and perfectly safe to use at outdoor events, such as picnics, BBQs and festivals
 4" long x 1" wide 

No wood taste or smell