World Centric's Compostable Soup Bowl - Samples

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Paper Bowls & Lids

World Centric Paper Bowls are made with FSC certified paper or NoTree plant fiber paper. The paper bowls are lined with PLA, which is derived from plants, not petroleum. Great for soup, ice cream, and snacks, these bowls are suitable for liquids up to 220F, are freezer safe and are compostable in a commercial composting facility where accepted. Matching fiber, kraft paper and clear PLA lids are available for these paper bowls. Clear lids are not microwavable.

Paper Bowl & Lid Compatibility

BO-PA-8 pairs with lids BOL-FB-8G (Fiber) & BOL-PA-8-K (Kraft Paper)

BO-PA-12, BO-PA-16, BO-PA-24, BO-PA-32 pairs with lids BOL-CS-12 (CPLA), BOL-CS-12D (PLA), BOL-PA-12-K (Kraft Paper) & BOL-FB-12 (Fiber)